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QiOne® 2 Pro

Increased physical activity

E-Smog protection

Active cell protection

Due to the increased proportion of

coherent water structure in your body.

The Game Changer

Marion Engelbrecht

Empowerment Speakerin

"2,5 hours of intensive coaching conversation – I am still full of energy." 


Patrick Thiele

Mental Coach

"Within the first minute of wearing QiOne, my resting pulse rate dropped significantly - pure relaxation."

Robin Stolberg

Natural Biohacker

"My Wim-Hof respiration retention time has increased by 30 seconds- "I don’t want to be without it.”


Sonic Blue

Investment Nomade

“Constantly using laptop and cell phone – I don’t feel the e-smog anymore.”

What does my body get out of it?

The QiOne creates a static field that stimulates water molecules in the body to enter the coherent state - the super state.  

  • Research shows that coherent water is fundamental for an extensive blood circulation in the body. However, it has long been a mystery how we can actually survive when the heart, in purely mathematical terms, is not capable of producing enough force to push the blood (consist of 50% water) through our extremely extensive system. The solution comes from coherent water: Using infrared light radiation – e.g. from the sun - the water converts the energy of the radiation into motion and thus produces the flow forces that were mathematically missing.
  • Coherent water is the most natural protection against radiation (e-smog) that your body has. It forms a protective shield around your cells. In fact, the coherent structure deposits 13% of its electrons outside, which then form a static field, just like it forms a single atom!
  • It can also protect your cells from viruses & bacteria! Three layers of water, X, Y & Z., surround cells. Once the Y layer is at least 62% coherent water, particles like viruses, etc. are simply too large to penetrate the dense structure.

Water in its Super State

We consist of 99% water molecules!

The QiOne® increased the amount of coherent water in your body.

 Your body is running at full speed.

TED - Lecture by Prof. Dr. Pollack

Coherent water structure (DC Water)

and its importance in the human body [EN]

Almost 1,000,000 views on YouTube  

Strong Relief

How does it affect our mind?

Matthias Cebula


Together with Daniela Cebula

Dr. Mama

  • Dipl. Nutritional Educator
  • Alternative Practitioners
  • Dr. Klinghardt Therapist
  • Kung Fu Master

"Almost every week, someone sends me a different product to test: Cell phone chips, magnets, anti-e-smog and information systems—everyone talks about protection and healing.


Right from the start, the QiOne® played in a different league - it strengthens my body and me.


I immediately felt a clear change: In stressful phases, I feel the relief, and in quiet phases, the regeneration. That impressed me. 


Even after one year, I wear the QiOne® even when showering. As a result, the QiOne® has become a valuable companion for me". 

- Matthias Cebula –


What does water do in its super state?

The water molecules in the body swim partially disordered to each other.

The water molecules can collide with each other. This collision creates "noise" that affects nerve signals, called “thermal noise”.

In coherent water, the water molecules move towards each other without impact. All body signals thus reach the cells in an optimal way.

The QiOne® helps the water molecules in your body to align themselves coherently

This coherent alignment significantly reduces the thermal noise in the body. Nerve signals can migrate optimally throughout the body.

Through this increased body communication, bodily functions run at full speed.

E-Smog - Protectin

The water's super state protects your cells.

Yara Joy

Together with Sonic Blue



30,000 fans listen to them on the subjects:

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"One of the main reasons I got the QiOne® is to protect my body from the influence of e-smog. I work online, and am therefore constantly surrounded by Wifi & Co.


That the QiOne® can do so much more, I only realized later. It really extremely increases the general well-being.


I was recently at an examination with a bioresonance device. With the QiOne®, all values were in the green range - simply incredible. In the field of frequency and energy healing, humanity is still in its infancy.


For me, the QiOne® is the absolute technological leader. > Future Medicine Will Be The Medicine Of Frequencies < - Albert Einstein.


It's great that Qi Blanco is making the world a better place with QiOne®, taking part in a big change. Everyone needs a QiOne® in today's world. I am thrilled, and I can absolutely recommend it!“  


- Feli Joy -

The QiOne® impressively demonstrates its possibilities.

Bewertung der Oberflächenspannung des Wassers in Abhängigkeit der Höhe: QiOne 3,5 mm - Mitbewerber 1,2 mm - Edelstahlmesser 0,8 mm

QiOne® 3,5 mm   -   Competitor 1,2 mm   -  Stainless steel blade 0,8 mm